X-CONTACT®: It's what's inside that counts …

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As specialist for industrial plugs and sockets, MENNEKES presents X-CONTACT® ,a completely new contact sleeve solution. 

Industrial connectors and receptacles of 63 A and 125 A are often exposed to the toughest conditions. On construction sites, in mines and tunnels or in heavy industry, they have to operate reliably while often covered in dirt and surface water.  

Conventional connectors and receptacles of this category have always been a compromise between ease of handling and contact quality. Easy handling was only possible where contact quality was compromised, and vice versa. Due to the physical conditions, this dilemma seemed to be inevitable.

With X-CONTACT®, MENNEKES launches a new system, which combines a totally reliable electrical connection with the ultimate in ease of handling. 

Due to a completely new manufacturing process, the X-CONTACT® sleeve obtains resilient properties based solely on its material characteristics without the need to use any additional spring elements. Thanks to the shape of the X-CONTACT® sleeve, a particularly safe contact closure can be achieved.

… less effort!

The special design of the X-CONTACT® reduces the effort of insertion and withdrawal by up to 50%. An advantage that simplifies work processes and improves safety especially with high electrical currents. With X-CONTACT®, MENNEKES creates a safe contact closure and easy handling at a new, equally high level.

Reliable even under the toughest conditions
MENNEKES X-CONTACT®X-CONTACT® sleeves withstand the toughest conditions due to their simple functional principle. The interaction of the resilient material and groove is not only the guarantee for a secure contact closure, it also has the practical side effect that any contamination is removed when connecting and disconnecting the plug. Even surface corrosion is removed by the spring effect of the X-CONTACT® sleeves.

With X-CONTACT® MENNEKES sets the standard for all industrial connectors and receptacles. For this reason MENNEKES has implemented the new contact sleeves in their entire product range. From now on, all MENNEKES connectors and receptacles for currents of 63 A and 125 A feature X-CONTACT®.

MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1935 and is the developer of the European standard charging plug for electric vehicles as well as leading manufacturer of industrial plugs and sockets. The company has a global presence with subsidiaries and representations in more than 90 countries and employs 1,000 people worldwide, two thirds of them in Germany. The product range comprises standardised plugs and sockets in over 15,000 different variants and designs as well as all fields of emobility: from vehicle inlets and charging cables to complete charging stations. 
In the past business year, the MENNEKES Group achieved a consolidated turnover of more than 140 million Euros. 

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